The Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion takes shape as workers place the structural steel beams for the new 11-story building.
March 2011: Rebar is installed on the building exterior.
Construction workers install rebar to reinforce the concrete walls.
May 2011: The steel structure of the building is complete.
Northeast view of the construction site, June 2011.
July 2011: Construction workers begin covering the lower levels on the southeast side of the Pavilion with Jerusalem stone, marking the start of construction of the building's exterior.
July 2011: Two construction workers prepare to remove cables after a beam is secured in place. Four 100-ton steel support beams are installed to provide the framework for the plaza level bridge.
November 2011: Workers begin enclosing the building with the first layer of two layers of exterior glass panels.
November 2011: The framework of the plaza level bridge nears completion.
Northeast view of the construction site, December 2011.
January 2012: The South Tower stairway closes so that workers can connect the new bridge from the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion to the plaza level of the main Medical Center.
January 2012: The exterior glass panels are installed, completing the Pavilion’s façade.
A rendering of the completed construction. The Pavilion is slated to open in 2013.
May 2012: The main entrance to the Pavilion, the Plaza Lobby, begins to take shape.
May 2012: Workers install flooring and drywall inside the 11-story building.
Workers connect steel beams on the fifth-floor bridge, which mirrors the Pavilion's main pedestrian bridge on the plaza level.
June 2012: The construction of the fifth-floor pedestrian bridge represents another major construction milestone for the Pavilion, which is now fully enclosed.
June 2012: A crane lifts these 184-foot-long trusses into place to form the pedestrian bridge connecting the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion to the main Medical Center on the fifth-floor level.

Construction of the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion began in 2010 and is scheduled to be completed in summer 2013. Follow the Pavilion’s construction in the slideshow above. The latest activity is featured first.