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Women’s and Children’s Health

Nurturing the Future

Good starts matter in life. Just think about a class of kindergarteners—learning and growing into healthy, curious kids with long and interesting lives ahead of them. But who they are as 5-year-olds depends in so many ways on the health of their mothers, and on the care that both moms and children receive along the way. Today, both women and children face increasing health threats: asthma, diabetes, obesity, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, stroke. That’s why we’ve made the health of women and children a priority for ongoing discovery.

Here at Cedars-Sinai, skilled neonatologists and pediatricians work with preeminent obstetricians and gynecologists to improve pregnancy outcomes, reduce premature births, address infertility, and treat conditions requiring specialized surgery. Your gift to our research endowment can accelerate that work and help more women and children lead healthy lives. Somewhere, a young baby, a bright and beautiful kindergartener, and a woman in love with her life are thanking you.

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