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Women’s and Children’s Health

Cedars-Sinai has developed a comprehensive program of care for women and children in all stages of life. Historical benchmarks include:

  • Pioneering new high-resolution and 3-D ultrasound protocols to diagnose & treat developing fetuses
  • Advancing the largest in-patient perinatal facility in Southern California to care for mothers with pregnancy-related complications
  • Determining genetic causes of skeletal birth defects in children
  • Creating new approaches to prevent and treat premature infant lung, heart, and eye diseases
  • Offering a comprehensive Labor & Delivery unit that ranks amongst the top 3 on the west coast for volume of obstetrical deliveries
  • Developing a patented surgical approach for Hirschsprung’s Disease in infants
  • Understanding how infections attack and damage the tissues of young children
  • Mastering minimally invasive treatments for a range of gynecological conditions

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Margareta D. Pisarska, MD

Margareta D. Pisarska, MD, investigates premature ovarian failure and aging as it relates to infertility in women.

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