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Women’s and Children’s Health

Keeping Mothers and Babies Healthy

Kim Gregory, MD, constantly looks for new ways to keep mothers and babies healthy. She looks at the health and lifestyles of pregnant women. She studies the practices of delivery rooms. And she investigates the post-delivery conditions of women and newborns.

“Childbirth is the No. 1 reason for hospitalization,” Dr. Gregory says, “and the biggest issue in obstetrics is cesarean delivery,” an increasingly common elective surgery. Her team has developed methods to guide the National Center of Health Statistics in determining why cesarean sections are performed and their impact on patient health.

Gregory is also exploring how the environment in utero affects the diseases people may contract later in life, studying the effects of steroids used during at-risk early deliveries, and tracking the rates of infection in women after childbirth.

“Obstetrics deals with two human beings simultaneously—the mother and the baby. Research is critical to understanding how we can protect and improve the health of both patients. And private gifts are critical to advancing this type of research.”

—Kim Gregory, MD

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