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Metabolic Disease

Understanding Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic diseases go by many names, and none of them are welcome in anyone’s life: arthritis, asthma, diabetes, kidney or liver disease, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease. These are just a few metabolic diseases with one thing in common: All turn the human body into its own worst enemy, with life-limiting—often painful—consequences.

If we understand the why and the how, we can overcome these painful disorders. Today, we’re at work identifying risk factors and improving diagnostics, developing new drugs and targeted therapies, and finding genetic markers. While metabolic diseases are all about the body out of tune and out of rhythm with itself, meaningful, effective treatments promise to restore harmony and health.

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Martin Hewison, PhD

Martin Hewison, PhD, analyzes vitamin D metabolism in human tissues and diseases using high-performance liquid chromatography equipment.

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