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Surgery and Transplantation

Rebuilding and Restoring the Body

What happens when a critical organ is near surrender? When medication, lifestyle changes, and therapies just aren’t enough? These are the answers that come up: Surgery. Transplantation. But often those answers come with their own complexities and risks, or they come with instructions to “hurry up and wait,” because there are people ahead of you on a national waiting list.

At Cedars-Sinai, we’re relentless in the search for better answers. Happily, we’ve got a track record to prove that relentlessness pays off. We’re innovating next-generation surgical and transplant approaches. We’ve developed advanced imaging techniques that pinpoint surgical targets, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and robotic technology. All are part of our “operating room of the future.” Not too far ahead, we see new ways to prevent organ rejection, and we’re pioneering new therapies that could greatly reduce transplantation side effects. Your support will help us transform what we see into life-changing, life-saving realities.

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Nicholas Nissen, MD

Specialists Myles J. Cohen, MD and David A. Kulber, MD perform a delicate surgery on the hand of an infant.

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