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Neuroscience and the Brain

Cedars-Sinai has made historic contributions to neuroscience and brain care.

#1 In Stroke Care
Cedars-Sinai is a leader in innovative stroke therapies, caring for more stroke patients—and treating more complex cases—than any hospital in Southern California.

Brain Cancer Vaccine
In a revolutionary clinical trial, we brought the world’s first brain cancer vaccine to patients, adding precious months and even years to their lives.

Top California Clinic
The Cedars-Sinai Movement Disorders Clinic fills a dire need in Southern California for comprehensive neurological care that addresses the whole person. One of only a few such clinics in North America, our multidisciplinary team attracts patients from around the globe.

Tackling Tumors
Cedars-Sinai’s renowned neuroscientists developed technology that opens pathways in the brain to allow chemotherapy to attack tumors more effectively than ever before.

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Hui Ding, MD

Aiming to attack brain tumors more directly, Hui Ding, MD, explores new methods of delivering cancer-fighting drugs beyond the blood-brain barrier.

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