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Neuroscience and the Brain

Cedars-Sinai’s elite team of neurologists and neurosurgeons are blazing a path to the future of brain care. A gift from you fuels prestigious research and lifesaving breakthroughs.

Cooling The Brain
Cedars-Sinai researchers are leading a clinical trial that could change how physicians worldwide treat stroke and other neurologic injuries. The international study explores the benefits of brain cooling after stroke.

Landmark Vaccine
Our lauded brain cancer vaccine is now in late-stage clinical trials around the country. It has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of the most common and aggressive form of brain tumor.

A Universal Cure
We are devoting resources to unlock the mystery of how brain cells die. The underlying answers could lead to a cure for all neurodegenerative diseases.

Nano Meets Chemo
99.9% of chemotherapeutic drugs never make it to cancer cells. We are creating a nanodelivery system that can make any chemotherapy drug targeted, less toxic, and more effective.

Stem Cell Therapy
Rebuilding damaged brain tissue was once impossible. Now our scientists are invoking advanced stem cell technology to rejuvenate brains damaged from stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

Catching Alzheimer’s Early
With eye scan technology developed at Cedars-Sinai, we will soon be able to identify Alzheimer’s disease extremely early, and treat patients before memory loss sets in.

Lasers Replace Biopsy
We are using laser technology to diagnose cancer in milliseconds. The brand new technique, developed at Cedars-Sinai, could replace biopsies for brain and all types of cancer.

Promise for Stroke Patients
With support from the National Institutes of Health, we are pursuing research with the potential to dramatically reduce stroke symptoms. By understanding the action of a single protein, our scientists may learn to protect brain cells from stroke damage.

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Robert Cohen, MD, PhD, and Robert Pechnick, PhD

Scientists are pioneering research to battle Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders at Cedars-Sinai.

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