Endowments and Named Gifts

Special giving opportunities underscore your strong personal commitment to creating a world-class medical center.

Naming Opportunities

Named gifts are a meaningful and lasting way to support Cedars-Sinai. By lending your name, or the name of another individual, group, or family to buildings, facilities, and equipment you are helping to ensure the long term growth of our academic, research, and clinical care programs. Please contact us to discuss available opportunities that are closely aligned with your interests.

Cedars-Sinai Endowed Chair Program

Endowed academic chairs at Cedars-Sinai—held by distinguished academicians and faculty—represent the pinnacle of excellence, providing a means for funding world-class contributions in teaching, medical research, universal scholarship and clinical service.

Outstanding faculty members are at the heart of every great medical institution. The endowment of academic chairs ensures that Cedars-Sinai’s academic and professional excellence continues in perpetuity, fostering productivity and progress in many vital areas of medicine and science.

An endowed chair is established with a philanthropic contribution of at least $2 million payable over a five-year period. The donor’s name is listed on the Endowed Academic Chair wall in the Plaza Level Lobby upon receipt of 20 percent of the amount pledged. Through a perpetual endowment fund, earnings are used to support the teaching and research activities of the academic who holds the chair.

The establishment of a chair guarantees that the influence and contributions of the incumbent(s) continues through published works and international collaborations. While carrying on the donor's name and transcending national boundaries, the chair also serves as a viable instrument for global knowledge and accomplishment.

The endowed chair program also helps ensure the ability of Cedars-Sinai to attract, recruit and maintain the highest level of academic professionals. The Medical Center works with donors and families who wish to name a chair as a legacy (deferred) gift.