Why Give

“We are grateful to Dr. Kobashigawa and his team, and want to do what we can to help other patients and their families facing similar challenges.”

—Georgia and Bob Roth
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“When you have cancer, you don’t want to feel like you’re just a number. At Cedars-Sinai, the volunteers, the doctors—everyone—was humane, compassionate, and open about my options.”

—HK Soo

“Brain cancer is on the rise and has farther to go with research. Having seen the caliber of Dr. Keith Black’s work, I believe he’s at the forefront in making major advances against this disease.”

—Cristina Schott

“Without the groundbreaking research behind the care—without Cedars-Sinai’s work in education and prevention—I wouldn’t be here to watch my daughters grow up.”

—Lori Kupetz

Why you?

You may have experienced the impact of illness on your family or friends—and the power of breakthrough medicine. Now you can do something to change the shape of healthcare, today and into the future. Your gift to Cedars-Sinai can help us discover cures and treatments for your loved ones, your community, and your world.

Why Cedars-Sinai?

You might know Cedars-Sinai as a hospital. Perhaps you know us as a research and teaching institution. We’re both. This enables us to take extraordinary care of individuals and families every day—and to produce life-saving, life-changing medical discoveries.

Not only are we your community hospital, we’re also a world-recognized hub of biomedical research. Our track record reflects the vision, passion, expertise, and the deep commitment necessary to make a real difference.

Why now?

Today we know more about human health and disease than at any time in medical history. Research under way in our laboratories is building on that knowledge. Each project holds the promise of discovery. Yet our quest cannot move forward without the support of people who share our vision. With your help, Cedars-Sinai can translate research into new treatments and technologies—even cures.

Together, we can change lives—and change the future of medicine.