Steven Piantadosi, MD, PhD

“We treat each patient personally, but we regard cancer itself as a global challenge.” — Steven Piantadosi, MD, PhD, Director of the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute

Patients seek out the Samuel Oschin Cancer Center and Comprehensive Cancer Institute for care that is second to none. They are welcomed into a compassionate environment that offers a complete spectrum of services in one location, around the clock.

Smart care begins in smart science. Our thriving research program is at the forefront of advanced diagnostic and treatment methods such as gene therapy, precision radiation, and minimally invasive surgery. The Institute’s physicians and scientists are defining the true causes of cancer and unveiling new solutions.

We invite you to join us to fight this devastating disease, and make a difference for cancer patients in our community and beyond.

Jan Lesser

Eight years ago, faced with a bleak diagnosis of terminal cancer, Jan Lesser put all of her hopes into a clinical trial—and lived to talk about it.

We are committed to maximizing quality of life for those living with cancer, while pursuing new life-sustaining breakthroughs.

Targeting Women’s Cancers

The Women’s Cancer Program at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute has launched clinical trials targeting cancer-causing genes, moving us toward personalized therapies for ovarian, breast, and other cancers.

Breaking Into Brain Tumors

Our preeminent researchers developed technology that pushes cancer drugs past a natural wall called the blood-brain barrier. The result is a better weapon against brain tumors and other cancers.

Pioneering Lung Procedures

Cedars-Sinai’s exceptional lung cancer team has set the global standard for minimally invasive pulmonary procedures.

Impacting Global Research

Cedars-Sinai curates one of the world’s most robust collections of tissue used for cancer research. Investigators from around the globe draw on our tissue bank to conduct life-saving studies.

Marc L. Friedman

Marc Friedman, MD, performs chemoembolization on a patient with liver cancer.

With philanthropic support, our biomedical researchers will continue contributing to the world’s fight against cancer.

Designer Drugs

We are engaged in cutting-edge experimental therapeutics—an effort to design novel medications tailored to individual patients.

Earliest Detection

Our researchers are developing biomarkers—molecular fingerprints—to detect cancer at its earliest stages without surgery or biopsy.


We are investigating nanoscale therapies to precisely deliver targeted treatments to tumors while preserving healthy tissues.

Gene Therapy

Our expert team is developing gene therapies to undermine cancer with personalized treatments and targeted strikes on cancer cells.

  • Beth Y. Karlan, MD

    Beth Y. Karlan, MD

    Director, Women’s Cancer Program at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute

    Getting Personal with Cancer Care

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  • Howard Sandler, MD

    Howard Sandler, MD

    Cedars-Sinai Radiation Oncology Chair

    Fine-Tuning Radiation

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  • Arash Asher, MD

    Arash Asher, MD

    Director, Cancer Survivorship and Rehabilitation at The Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute

    Beyond Cancer Survival

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Maria Castro, PhD, and Pedro Lowenstein, MD, PhD

Philanthropy plays a vital role in defeating cancer. We hope you will join us as a donor.

Our priorities for support:

  • Recruitment Funds bring new capabilities and collaborative depth to Cedars-Sinai’s cancer team
  • Academic Support for the oncology nursing education program
  • Program Funds expand prevention, survivorship, and rehabilitation programs
  • Discovery Endowments help identify new therapies and support clinical trials
  • Capital and Equipment Funds for state-of-the-art technology and treatment areas
  • Endowed Chairs enhance and expand biomedical advancement in key areas of strength

The Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute is seeking partners in the quest to defeat cancer. We are grateful for your support.