Cedars-Sinai Employee Giving Program

Your Gifts at Work

Here are some examples of how your support of the Employee Giving Program is making a difference at Cedars-Sinai and in the community:

One Employee’s Story: Surviving a Fire

When John* lost his clothing and many of his family’s possessions in an apartment fire, he wasn’t sure how he would replace them all. Alerted by calls from his frantic mother, John rushed home from his job at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to a devastating scene of smoke and ash. As he and his mother and sister sifted through the remains, they tried to salvage what they could. That night, John worried about staying strong for his family.

Fortunately, the Employee Relief Fund—one of the causes supported by the Cedars-Sinai Employee Giving Program—came to John’s aid. The fund supplied him with gift cards to purchase clothing, bedding, and other supplies, as well as with counseling. “I am very grateful,” he says. “If you have anything extra to give, please contribute to this program. It may not be you having a crisis, it could be your coworker, your best friend in the workplace, or someone you don’t even know.”

* Name changed to protect confidentiality.

Bringing a Grandmother Renewed Mobility

A grandmother in one of the families in the COACH for Kids program was in great need of a wheelchair to get to and from medical appointments. Her existing wheelchair was literally falling apart—the brakes no longer worked and the tires were worn down.

COACH for Kids purchased a new wheelchair for the grandmother thanks to a donation to the COACH for Kids fund from Lynne Emma, Service Line director for Women’s and Children’s Services. The family is extremely grateful.