Cedars-Sinai Employee Giving Program

Why I Give

The Voices of Cedars-Sinai Employees

Each person has his or her own reason to participate in the Cedars-Sinai Employee Giving Program. You may be inspired by a loved one’s experience with a challenging illness, by a dedicated caregiver, or by a desire to build a stronger, healthier community.

What we all share is a passion for caring—and the ability to make a difference with every contribution we make.

At Cedars-Sinai, we are transforming tomorrows . . .

. . . by advancing critical research

“I wanted the funds to go to a cause near and dear to my heart—Alzheimer’s, which my father passed from several years ago. This is an opportunity to give back to a program (Neuroscience and the Brain) that furthers research.”

Camille Thornton

“I decided to give to breast cancer because my mother passed away a couple of years ago to breast cancer. When I would go with her to her treatment, I’d see what others were going through. It’s a horrible disease. I know Cedars-Sinai has such an incredible program. I wanted to be a part of it somehow.”

Carrie Menachem

. . . by reaching out to others

“I donated to the Employee Relief Fund because I’ve been in situations in my life where I was very down on my luck . . . and through the kindness of friends, I was able to weather that period. I’m fortunate to be where I am today. I consider myself lucky and blessed, and I feel I can give back and help someone who’s having a difficult time.”

Allan Carp

“I give because I am blessed that I can . . . I know there are employees here who are less fortunate and do not have family resources on which to draw when financial emergencies arise. That is the reason I direct my recurring payroll deduction to the Employee Relief Fund.”

Donell Cohen

“Many of us are just one paycheck away from debt collectors, no food on the table, or a roof over our head. There will come a time when we all need a little help. But today, I am in a position where I can be the one offering help. So I do.”

Mitch Martens

. . . by supporting front-line caregivers

“I’m not a physician or a nurse, but I’m trying to think of other ways I can help the patients in the community. This is one way of me helping—by giving whatever I can and making a difference.”

Mona Homedian

“I want to give more than simply showing up at work and doing a good job. I have chosen to give to Spiritual Care. My donation supports the employees at Cedars-Sinai who give at the most critical and vulnerable times in a person’s life.”

Catherine Jonas

. . . by joining with others to give

“When I give, the first feeling is, ‘This isn’t really that much. I can’t believe it’s going to make a difference.’ But when you see at the end of the year how many people have given, when it came together, it does make a difference.”

Tony Braswell

. . . by bringing healthcare to kids

“There was a COACH that would come to my neighborhood as a child. Someone gave to me, so it was important that I give back to those children that go to the COACH for Kids vehicle.”

Michelle Flewellan-Wiggins

. . . by helping families like mine

“I chose the Women’s and Children’s Fund because my daughter was born here prematurely. I’m excited to be able to give and make a difference in another family’s life, another mom’s life.”

Lisa Berry

. . . by giving because I’m grateful

“Cedars-Sinai makes a difference in the community; each employee makes a difference at Cedars-Sinai; together we are a blessing. I give because I’m grateful.”

Marilyn Shirk