Neuroscience and the Brain

It is the control center for your life. It holds your memories and drives your actions. Your brain is you, and Cedars-Sinai provides an elite level of care for this central organ.

Neurological disorders are on the rise. Cedars-Sinai researchers are responding with an innovative array of novel treatments such as a vaccine against brain tumors, brain cooling for stroke, and stem cell therapies.

Patients from around the world trust Cedars-Sinai’s internationally recognized team to deliver comprehensive care for the most challenging brain disorders. Our many active clinical trials offer patients the newest therapeutic options.

We invite you to join us as we expand the frontiers of brain science. With your partnership, we can triumph over neurological disease.

Hui Ding, MD

Aiming to attack brain tumors more directly, Hui Ding, MD, explores new methods of delivering cancer-fighting drugs beyond the blood-brain barrier.

Cedars-Sinai has made historic contributions to neuroscience and brain care.

#1 In Stroke Care

Cedars-Sinai is a leader in innovative stroke therapies, caring for more stroke patients—and treating more complex cases—than any hospital in Southern California.

Brain Cancer Vaccine

In a revolutionary clinical trial, we brought the world’s first brain cancer vaccine to patients, adding precious months and even years to their lives.

Top California Clinic

The Cedars-Sinai Movement Disorders Clinic fills a dire need in Southern California for comprehensive neurological care that addresses the whole person. One of only a few such clinics in North America, our multidisciplinary team attracts patients from around the globe.

Tackling Tumors

Cedars-Sinai’s renowned neuroscientists developed technology that opens pathways in the brain to allow chemotherapy to attack tumors more effectively than ever before.

Robert Cohen, MD, PhD, and Robert Pechnick, PhD

Scientists are pioneering research to battle Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders at Cedars-Sinai.

Cedars-Sinai’s elite team of neurologists and neurosurgeons are blazing a path to the future of brain care. A gift from you fuels prestigious research and lifesaving breakthroughs.

Cooling The Brain

Cedars-Sinai researchers are leading a clinical trial that could change how physicians worldwide treat stroke and other neurologic injuries. The international study explores the benefits of brain cooling after stroke.

Landmark Vaccine

Our lauded brain cancer vaccine is now in late-stage clinical trials around the country. It has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of the most common and aggressive form of brain tumor.

A Universal Cure

We are devoting resources to unlock the mystery of how brain cells die. The underlying answers could lead to a cure for all neurodegenerative diseases.

Nano Meets Chemo

99.9% of chemotherapeutic drugs never make it to cancer cells. We are creating a nanodelivery system that can make any chemotherapy drug targeted, less toxic, and more effective.

Stem Cell Therapy

Rebuilding damaged brain tissue was once impossible. Now our scientists are invoking advanced stem cell technology to rejuvenate brains damaged from stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

Catching Alzheimer’s Early

With eye scan technology developed at Cedars-Sinai, we will soon be able to identify Alzheimer’s disease extremely early, and treat patients before memory loss sets in.

Lasers Replace Biopsy

We are using laser technology to diagnose cancer in milliseconds. The brand new technique, developed at Cedars-Sinai, could replace biopsies for brain and all types of cancer.

Promise for Stroke Patients

With support from the National Institutes of Health, we are pursuing research with the potential to dramatically reduce stroke symptoms. By understanding the action of a single protein, our scientists may learn to protect brain cells from stroke damage.

  • Keith Black, MD

    Keith Black, MD

    Chairman of Neurosurgery and Director of the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute

    Championing Brain Discoveries

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  • Patrick Lyden, MD

    Patrick Lyden, MD

    Chairman of Neurology

    The Brain Science of Tomorrow

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Brain Imaging

Cedars-Sinai’s state-of-the-art 64-slice CT scanner enables physicians to perform emergency brain imaging of acute stroke patients.

Philanthropy plays a vital role in our quest to understand and treat neurological disorders. We invite you to join us as a partner.

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