Fine-Tuning Radiation

In the rapidly evolving field of cancer treatment, radiation therapy is a highly trusted tool. “Radiation kills cancer,” says Cedars-Sinai Radiation Oncology Chair Howard Sandler, MD. “It works best when we can pinpoint a patient’s cancer, so the scope of our therapy is dependent upon better imaging techniques that allow us to see the tumor.”

To secure Cedars-Sinai’s position on the vanguard of Radiation Oncology research, Dr. Sandler is recruiting nationally recognized faculty. On his growing team is a physicist who developed the modern 3-D mapping approach for treatment. “As our doctors develop better ways to precisely locate an individual’s tumor, patients receive more personalizedradiation therapy,” says Dr. Sandler.

Sophisticated technology offers other benefits too. “A patient’s radiation session can be briefer, more intense, and yet at the same time safer than ever before,” explains Dr. Sandler. He is excited to bring the most advanced and powerful scanning and radiation equipment to the Medical Center, radically enhancing the treatment experience for patients.

“I see Cedars-Sinai updating the state-of-the-art and developing the imaging and radiation methods of the future.”

—Howard Sandler, MD

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