The Brain Science of Tomorrow

Patrick Lyden, MD, arrived at Cedars-Sinai in 2009 with ambitious plans. The new Chairman of Neurology would launch a world-class stroke center in Southern California. Next, he would build a program devoted to reversing degenerative neurological diseases.

Now, Dr. Lyden is the lead investigator on the world’s largest study of therapeutic cooling to reduce brain injury after stroke. “Brain cooling is the future,” he says confidently, as a clinician-researcher who helped develop the only proven treatment for stroke. “I can see a day in the not-too-distant future when this advanced technique will be used to treat a wide variety of neurologic injuries, from stroke to head trauma.”

Dr. Lyden has built a team devoted to compassionate care coupled with advanced treatments. “My driving motivation has always been to dramatically improve and enhance patients’ lives,” he says.

As America ages, the country faces an epidemic of neurodegenerative diseases. “Cedars-Sinai has enthusiastically supported the growth of neurology because it is an incredibly important part of the future of medicine, and impacts people on a deeply personal level,” says Dr. Lyden.

“We’re building a unique place dedicated to the best science and highest-quality patient care. Our program is being born right now, so we will create the neurology department of the future.”

—Patrick Lyden, MD

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