Current Research

Community support is the catalyst for important IBD research. We are:

  • Examining differences in intestinal bacteria and genetics—and specific lab markers in the patients, their siblings, and parents—to see why certain members of the family get IBD
  • Looking at the impact of IBD surgery on fertility in women
  • Examining the role of small bowel ultrasound study in post-operative Crohn’s patients. The goal of this study is to reduce the number of colonoscopies required after surgery, which are performed to monitor whether the Crohn’s is coming back at the surgical connection site.
  • Examining the effect of biological therapies on the risk of early-onset atherosclerosis in patients with Crohn’s disease. Inflammation has been shown to increase the progression of atherosclerosis.
  • Using new lab techniques to examine drug levels in patients to make sure they are getting enough of the drugs we are using, as we know that patients have better outcomes when they have detectable levels of therapies in their blood stream.
  • Participating in pivotal clinical trials so that children can have access to new therapies before they come to market
  • Identifying new genes that may help us to understand the genetic influences of IBD and bring us one step closer to discovering its cause